Welcome everyone! We have to see and feel and listen in a different way now,we are evolving and things around us are also evolving  And our hearts are the best guides we have . We have been lied to for so long that we started to believe the lies and now some don’t believe the truth. Everything on earth is oppisite of what it is appears to be. We believed and trusted people like our leaders and banks who hate us and put us below them. The sad thing is,they really believe thier own story,and have convinced us that they know more then we do and are more powerful . Well , their not more powerful . All you have to do is to know that . Thats the beginning of taking back your own power. Believe it or not,what you believe matters to everything that is. It changes the whole of everything. Mass consciousness is where all the power is. All things move according to how mass consciousness moves,like a magnet under a table of metal filings,when the filings follow the magnet.It doesn’t matter who or what is ruling our planet,we have the power to change it with our minds. And we can clean oceans and air and even nuetralize chemtrails. When we focus on clean air and waters,we change them . Thats how powerful we are as a mass consciousness. We are unlimited beings of light and your heart will never lie to you. So when you read this,listen to your heart!   Love and Light Honestangel2012