Hello everyone, we are living in an exciting time. The time we have all been waiting for. Now it’s time for all of us to do what we came to earth to do. The Angels are helping the dark and the light at this time,like never before, guess who the Angels are? They are all of you, who have studied for years or have just awakened. Now we will be able to help those in fear and organize people to help other people in whatever way possible. And staying calm and loving will help everyone around you. Your energy goes way out in the world and farther when we take our positions of the Angels that we are. And don’t feel bad when you fall short of your own expectations of yourself, if your doing your best,then thats all that matters and is all that is needed.  We are on the edge of our new golden time, Where the light will shine on everyone of us                                                                                                     Love and Light Honestangel 2012


I’ve always said that love is the answere, Now I know that the more love and light we send to the whole world including the dark ones,the easier our transition will be.With all of our ongoing world meditations, we have changed the outcome in the shift of the ages. Did you ever think we’d be setting here today with the President declaring a national emergency? And the military in the streets of St Lewis? The new world order is trying hard to put itself in place before we can stop them. If we didn’t have the star brothers and sisters standing by, I think I’d be worried, But instead I feel calmness.I know we might have some action taken that might seem scarey and I know we need to stay centered. Well now we get our chance to find out what we are made of. I’ve wanted the changes to come for along time and I’m excited about it. I believe that we are on our way to finally being really free. And now we know what a difference we can make,each of us sending light and asking for the most benevolent outcome. So when you feel scared just remember thats what the cabal lives on and don’t feed the monster or it will get stronger and you will get weaker. If we send light to our adversaries,they will get weaker and we will get stronger.    With Love Honestangel2012


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