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I wrote last month about what I believe the EVENT is, I’ve ask people for years, no one knows what THE EVENT is, yet we are all waiting for it and they say that we the people have to bring THE EVENT , And I said I think the event will be brought on by all of the whistle blowers, We have seen what Egypt is doing and Turkey and Bolivia and all over people are all coming out to stop these governments and take them out of power, Like Iceland who just run them out of the country. Well I finally know what THE EVENT is, I saw the picture in my head, it’s when all of the world does this uprising  all at the same time, The whole world in UNITY, that’s what God is waiting for, and it makes a lot of sense that the creator would want this, so the creator can take us out of quarantine so we can prove that we are ready to join the Galactic Federation of planets. and its gona take all of us to do this. Now I wonder what is gona trigger this .  With love and Light Honestangel2012


T he event we;ve all heard about for so long seems to be in the works right now, I believe the event will be triggered by the huge leaks of information that is going to be gushing out to the world any minute now.  Thier are certain people who are getting ready to tell what they know about the government, IRS, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, and lots off others who are taking our freedom..  The cabal are panicking and are capable of anything, and will try to stop the flow of info. on the internet, by trying to disrupt it. The shift  will follow THE EVENT,  it can’t be stopped and will happen within weeks or months. Colonal Poter has a video on  (2012thebigpicture ) , he is saying  that  the whistle blowers have to stand up now .He is calling for a peacefull movement. This IS THE EVENT where the divine gives the green light .  LOVE AND LIGHT       Honestangel

Have you noticed the miricles taking place? Have you noticed the way the world feels different,And our bodies feel different.Some people don’t notice a thing. Others feel really different,for instance,I feel all kinds of emotions,I have a hard time doing simple things somtimes,like cooking,getting dressed,can’t hold on to things,and can’t even pick things up right. My body is very tired an I get so anxious when any little thing is wrong. I cry easy too. Do you have a hard time comunicating? Our bodies and minds are changing,I feel healthy,but out of sorts. I know we are all having different symptums,and some the same.Do you feel like your going crazy somtimes?Thats another symptum,it will pass.Another thing is doing  regular every day 3rd dimension things,I don’t want to do them,like going to work or cleaning house or going shopping,any of the things we did without even thinking about it. Somtimes all I want to do is sit and day dream. The day goes so fast,that you get up in the morning and do a few things and then it’s night. I can feel from my whole being that we are ascending. When you reach a certain point,you’ll just ascend almost instantly,and you’ll look around,everything will look like a different place,you might feel lost at first and stunned and happy all at the same time.You’ll know everything is good, but you might feel all thumbs,we have to retrain ourselves how to move in this new world and how to think differently. We will feel like we are foreigners on our new earth,but we will know we aren’t and this will actually feel like we just woke up from a deep sleep,it will take us a little while to get our grounding. You might even feel like you could lift off any minute.Waves of light come over you and give you alittle feeling of being off balance or dizzy. This is all good and means everything is really happening that we have waited for,but didn’t really know what to expect.All of the economics have changed and all of our leaders will be new and honest. Won’t that be somthing for them to actually care about us and not be plotting against everything in our life. This will be just like going back to being a kid,we’ll be learning constantly,the new ways.We are making the shift right now.Be prepared for some bumps in the road,by being prepared and having food and water and gas and away to know how your loved ones our doing. If you have animals,make sure you prepare for them too.My vision is that the earth will send light rays from the ground all over the planet like a star that she is..It will be so beautiful to feel and see that we might just get on our knees and cry with joy for the fact that we made it! And we are thinking,What do we do now.? How much happiness can you stand? It’s hard for some to trust happiness because somthing comes and takes it away in the old world. This will be different,we can be happy and loved and to love others and it will stay that way,everyday,can you imagine this?  Love and Light and great exoectations !         Honestangel       If we can get 15o signitures on this petition, I will be able to put it to a public vote. After we get 25,000 signitures,the government will have to respond back to us.Hopefully they will get the message.They are attacking us. these chemicals are killing the trees all of nature and are poisoning all of us. Our own government is allowing and condoning these attacks. And they are the attackers. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT,  PEOPLE  WAKE UP.Are we gona just wait untill our world is dead and so are we? Please go to the whitehouse petition site and sign for all of the states. This is the first time in history that we the states are all united Lets make the best of it and clean this USA of dictators and form new state governments who aren’t so big that we don’t know what they are doing. They forget they work for us.   Love and light….Honestangel2012

  • I want to tell everyone,if you value your freedom, you will get involved and at least start calling your senetors and representitives and tell them that you will not vote for any of them that go along with the NDAA, if you don’t know what that is,you could be put in prison for no reason without a court case and kept forever. And call the whitehouse too. The number is ( 202-456-1111 ) and your senetors and representitives are in the blue pages of your phone book. If we don’t start now we will pay later and it could be your family who gets torn apart. Obama is fighting hard for this,even though a judge said it was unconstitutional,he said it is. Think about what we are letting them do to us.  He is panicing because he was told he couldn’t do this. Does this mean he knows he is gona need this law very soon?Please if you want to help humanity,use your voice and call these people and tell your friends and family. And remember when you call the whitehouse that the person who answeres the phone is not to blame. A squeeky door gets oiled, so be a pest. Let some steam off in a positive way that could be some help. This is an election year we have that on them. GOD BLESS ALL OF US     Honestangel2012 …. I called all of mine today and the whitehouse. Our voice does matter!

Some would have you belive that you have to do somthing to ascend. You have to  eat acertain way,you have to live a certain way, you have to believe a certain way,you have to meditate a certain way, you have to be READY if you want to ascend,that’s what they say. NO you don’t have to do anything to ascend. It is a choice. We live  on a free will planet, God doesn’t judge us. Anyone who wants to, will ascend.Soon we will be given a choice.  Do you want to ascend or not to ascend that is the  choice. Do you want to stay in hell or be in heaven?,Do you want to stay in pain in these bodies or have a young and healthy body that will never die?. Do you want to live in fear or love? Do you want abundance or lack? Only you can decide. Knowone can tell you if your gona ascend. It’s not up to anyone else.Don’t worry about if your gona ascend. You will ascend if that’s your choice. Just go with the flow and you will ascend gracefully ,enjoy the experience. If you need help after you ascend to raise your frequency you will have the help.” And keep life simple.” Jesus said. And he walked his talk. Ascension wasn’t ment to only be for certain people.  Don’t concern yourself. Live by your own heart.Listen to yourself. Keep it simple…….Love and Light to all from…Honestangel

Hello Everyone:  I’ve been doing alot of thinking about how all the channels that have been so accurate for so long are having trouble with getting a clear message. We have been played like a fiddle by the dark ones.I bet they got a good laugh at how we responded with hope and love to have our star family land on the 4th.And then to have other channels say they weren’t going to land untill 2014. Well they evidently  were doing somthing with a filter of the comunication signals. They want all of us to lose faith in the messages we recieve and they want to break us up, so they break up the powerful energy we are sending out together. It’s making a big differance. We are a threat to thier being able to continue. We should get even stronger and send out twice as much light as we were. We can’t let this take our hope away,we have to keep up the momentum and give out even more light then ever before and raise our hope and faith.And send them all so much light that they can’t keep this up. Everytime they try to keep us down we should rise up and blast them with love. pretty soon they will want to get away from us,THE LIGHT ON EARTH !        With all my love,   Honestangel2012

Hello everyone, Today I want to remind you how powerful you really are.Not helpless like we have thought in the past.Most lightworkers have had a really hard life this time around. I like to say that we have had so many snakebites that we are emune to the venim. I’m personaly glad that we went through so many hardships,I know we planned it that way, I know we did so because we wanted to be ready to help lead others to the light.Which we wouldn’t have a clue to do if we hadn’t experienced so much pain,so we could  be understanding of others.But now that we have taken our power back,nothing can stop us,we are masters of this life and can see clearly now.The ascended masters can now depend on us to ascend on time with the earth.This will seem to happen faster then we know. Days go by like weeks .And they say we have so much to do.I’m ready to start so I’ve been helping to clean the oceans and the air so the earth can get well. I hope alot of you are doing this too.And anything else you can think of ,like comunicating with the earth and being appreciative for everything she gives us. I love you all so much! Keep up all the good work,it’s working!    Love and Light Honestangel2012

Hello everyone and welcome to my thoughts about how the criminals should be treated.,I’ve been thinking alot about the mass arrests, and how most of us wanted to see the people who are arrested treated. I was waiting to see them marched in front of our TVs in hand cuffs and shackles,and taken to the fema camps to suffer the rest of thier lives. And I started to feel sad for them,Then I realized it was because we have been where they are and how we had to feel everyones pain that we inflicted. Everything! Just like they will.It was so bad that even if we begged to die,we weren’t able to,we couldn’t excape no matter what we tried.It was literally Hell for a along time.And some of us learned from it and some are still learning.I now know that if we truely want heaven on earth,we have to start acting like Angels.Angels would not do that to them,they would find away to start healing them and helping them with love to want to change.If we the people were to do this in our way,we would keep the earth as it has been and we’d never get away from all of the pain and sadness.I’ve got to say,that we have to be really evolved to do this right. And how can the earth evolve if we are still hateing and hurting and paying back. It would never end. We have to carry the earth and all of humanity past this point NOW! I know it won’t be easy to do,since we are so accustumed to paying people back when they treated others so bad. But we have to forgive them and let the masters take care of them. The masters are the ones who can do this without anger,I don’t know if some of us can.In order to stop the  darkness in the world we have to deal with our own darkness and find away to love everyone unconditionaly.No one said it would be easy,but it will make you feel better to not carry around hate for our brothers and sisters who have played thier part in duality. I even thought if they do go to fema camps,I was gona try to go and be a friend and tell them we love them and that we forgive them because we know how much pain they will go through and it will seem like it lasts forever. We can”t do to them as they have done to us or we will never ascend . This is the our greatest test EVER! Can we pass it? How evolved are we?       Love and Light to all   Honestangel.

Welcome everyone! We have to see and feel and listen in a different way now,we are evolving and things around us are also evolving  And our hearts are the best guides we have . We have been lied to for so long that we started to believe the lies and now some don’t believe the truth. Everything on earth is oppisite of what it is appears to be. We believed and trusted people like our leaders and banks who hate us and put us below them. The sad thing is,they really believe thier own story,and have convinced us that they know more then we do and are more powerful . Well , their not more powerful . All you have to do is to know that . Thats the beginning of taking back your own power. Believe it or not,what you believe matters to everything that is. It changes the whole of everything. Mass consciousness is where all the power is. All things move according to how mass consciousness moves,like a magnet under a table of metal filings,when the filings follow the magnet.It doesn’t matter who or what is ruling our planet,we have the power to change it with our minds. And we can clean oceans and air and even nuetralize chemtrails. When we focus on clean air and waters,we change them . Thats how powerful we are as a mass consciousness. We are unlimited beings of light and your heart will never lie to you. So when you read this,listen to your heart!   Love and Light Honestangel2012


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