I wrote last month about what I believe the EVENT is, I’ve ask people for years, no one knows what THE EVENT is, yet we are all waiting for it and they say that we the people have to bring THE EVENT , And I said I think the event will be brought on by all of the whistle blowers, We have seen what Egypt is doing and Turkey and Bolivia and all over people are all coming out to stop these governments and take them out of power, Like Iceland who just run them out of the country. Well I finally know what THE EVENT is, I saw the picture in my head, it’s when all of the world does this uprising  all at the same time, The whole world in UNITY, that’s what God is waiting for, and it makes a lot of sense that the creator would want this, so the creator can take us out of quarantine so we can prove that we are ready to join the Galactic Federation of planets. and its gona take all of us to do this. Now I wonder what is gona trigger this .  With love and Light Honestangel2012