T he event we;ve all heard about for so long seems to be in the works right now, I believe the event will be triggered by the huge leaks of information that is going to be gushing out to the world any minute now.  Thier are certain people who are getting ready to tell what they know about the government, IRS, NSA, CIA, FBI, DHS, and lots off others who are taking our freedom..  The cabal are panicking and are capable of anything, and will try to stop the flow of info. on the internet, by trying to disrupt it. The shift  will follow THE EVENT,  it can’t be stopped and will happen within weeks or months. Colonal Poter has a video on  (2012thebigpicture ) , he is saying  that  the whistle blowers have to stand up now .He is calling for a peacefull movement. This IS THE EVENT where the divine gives the green light .  LOVE AND LIGHT       Honestangel