Have you noticed the miricles taking place? Have you noticed the way the world feels different,And our bodies feel different.Some people don’t notice a thing. Others feel really different,for instance,I feel all kinds of emotions,I have a hard time doing simple things somtimes,like cooking,getting dressed,can’t hold on to things,and can’t even pick things up right. My body is very tired an I get so anxious when any little thing is wrong. I cry easy too. Do you have a hard time comunicating? Our bodies and minds are changing,I feel healthy,but out of sorts. I know we are all having different symptums,and some the same.Do you feel like your going crazy somtimes?Thats another symptum,it will pass.Another thing is doing  regular every day 3rd dimension things,I don’t want to do them,like going to work or cleaning house or going shopping,any of the things we did without even thinking about it. Somtimes all I want to do is sit and day dream. The day goes so fast,that you get up in the morning and do a few things and then it’s night. I can feel from my whole being that we are ascending. When you reach a certain point,you’ll just ascend almost instantly,and you’ll look around,everything will look like a different place,you might feel lost at first and stunned and happy all at the same time.You’ll know everything is good, but you might feel all thumbs,we have to retrain ourselves how to move in this new world and how to think differently. We will feel like we are foreigners on our new earth,but we will know we aren’t and this will actually feel like we just woke up from a deep sleep,it will take us a little while to get our grounding. You might even feel like you could lift off any minute.Waves of light come over you and give you alittle feeling of being off balance or dizzy. This is all good and means everything is really happening that we have waited for,but didn’t really know what to expect.All of the economics have changed and all of our leaders will be new and honest. Won’t that be somthing for them to actually care about us and not be plotting against everything in our life. This will be just like going back to being a kid,we’ll be learning constantly,the new ways.We are making the shift right now.Be prepared for some bumps in the road,by being prepared and having food and water and gas and away to know how your loved ones our doing. If you have animals,make sure you prepare for them too.My vision is that the earth will send light rays from the ground all over the planet like a star that she is..It will be so beautiful to feel and see that we might just get on our knees and cry with joy for the fact that we made it! And we are thinking,What do we do now.? How much happiness can you stand? It’s hard for some to trust happiness because somthing comes and takes it away in the old world. This will be different,we can be happy and loved and to love others and it will stay that way,everyday,can you imagine this?  Love and Light and great exoectations !         Honestangel