If we can get 15o signitures on this petition, I will be able to put it to a public vote. After we get 25,000 signitures,the government will have to respond back to us.Hopefully they will get the message.They are attacking us. these chemicals are killing the trees all of nature and are poisoning all of us. Our own government is allowing and condoning these attacks. And they are the attackers. OUR OWN GOVERNMENT,  PEOPLE  WAKE UP.Are we gona just wait untill our world is dead and so are we? Please go to the whitehouse petition site and sign for all of the states. This is the first time in history that we the states are all united Lets make the best of it and clean this USA of dictators and form new state governments who aren’t so big that we don’t know what they are doing. They forget they work for us.   Love and light….Honestangel2012