• I want to tell everyone,if you value your freedom, you will get involved and at least start calling your senetors and representitives and tell them that you will not vote for any of them that go along with the NDAA, if you don’t know what that is,you could be put in prison for no reason without a court case and kept forever. And call the whitehouse too. The number is ( 202-456-1111 ) and your senetors and representitives are in the blue pages of your phone book. If we don’t start now we will pay later and it could be your family who gets torn apart. Obama is fighting hard for this,even though a judge said it was unconstitutional,he said it is. Think about what we are letting them do to us.  He is panicing because he was told he couldn’t do this. Does this mean he knows he is gona need this law very soon?Please if you want to help humanity,use your voice and call these people and tell your friends and family. And remember when you call the whitehouse that the person who answeres the phone is not to blame. A squeeky door gets oiled, so be a pest. Let some steam off in a positive way that could be some help. This is an election year we have that on them. GOD BLESS ALL OF US     Honestangel2012 …. I called all of mine today and the whitehouse. Our voice does matter!