Some would have you belive that you have to do somthing to ascend. You have to  eat acertain way,you have to live a certain way, you have to believe a certain way,you have to meditate a certain way, you have to be READY if you want to ascend,that’s what they say. NO you don’t have to do anything to ascend. It is a choice. We live  on a free will planet, God doesn’t judge us. Anyone who wants to, will ascend.Soon we will be given a choice.  Do you want to ascend or not to ascend that is the  choice. Do you want to stay in hell or be in heaven?,Do you want to stay in pain in these bodies or have a young and healthy body that will never die?. Do you want to live in fear or love? Do you want abundance or lack? Only you can decide. Knowone can tell you if your gona ascend. It’s not up to anyone else.Don’t worry about if your gona ascend. You will ascend if that’s your choice. Just go with the flow and you will ascend gracefully ,enjoy the experience. If you need help after you ascend to raise your frequency you will have the help.” And keep life simple.” Jesus said. And he walked his talk. Ascension wasn’t ment to only be for certain people.  Don’t concern yourself. Live by your own heart.Listen to yourself. Keep it simple…….Love and Light to all from…Honestangel