Hello Everyone:  I’ve been doing alot of thinking about how all the channels that have been so accurate for so long are having trouble with getting a clear message. We have been played like a fiddle by the dark ones.I bet they got a good laugh at how we responded with hope and love to have our star family land on the 4th.And then to have other channels say they weren’t going to land untill 2014. Well they evidently  were doing somthing with a filter of the comunication signals. They want all of us to lose faith in the messages we recieve and they want to break us up, so they break up the powerful energy we are sending out together. It’s making a big differance. We are a threat to thier being able to continue. We should get even stronger and send out twice as much light as we were. We can’t let this take our hope away,we have to keep up the momentum and give out even more light then ever before and raise our hope and faith.And send them all so much light that they can’t keep this up. Everytime they try to keep us down we should rise up and blast them with love. pretty soon they will want to get away from us,THE LIGHT ON EARTH !        With all my love,   Honestangel2012