Hello everyone, Today I want to remind you how powerful you really are.Not helpless like we have thought in the past.Most lightworkers have had a really hard life this time around. I like to say that we have had so many snakebites that we are emune to the venim. I’m personaly glad that we went through so many hardships,I know we planned it that way, I know we did so because we wanted to be ready to help lead others to the light.Which we wouldn’t have a clue to do if we hadn’t experienced so much pain,so we could  be understanding of others.But now that we have taken our power back,nothing can stop us,we are masters of this life and can see clearly now.The ascended masters can now depend on us to ascend on time with the earth.This will seem to happen faster then we know. Days go by like weeks .And they say we have so much to do.I’m ready to start so I’ve been helping to clean the oceans and the air so the earth can get well. I hope alot of you are doing this too.And anything else you can think of ,like comunicating with the earth and being appreciative for everything she gives us. I love you all so much! Keep up all the good work,it’s working!    Love and Light Honestangel2012