Hello everyone and welcome to my thoughts about how the criminals should be treated.,I’ve been thinking alot about the mass arrests, and how most of us wanted to see the people who are arrested treated. I was waiting to see them marched in front of our TVs in hand cuffs and shackles,and taken to the fema camps to suffer the rest of thier lives. And I started to feel sad for them,Then I realized it was because we have been where they are and how we had to feel everyones pain that we inflicted. Everything! Just like they will.It was so bad that even if we begged to die,we weren’t able to,we couldn’t excape no matter what we tried.It was literally Hell for a along time.And some of us learned from it and some are still learning.I now know that if we truely want heaven on earth,we have to start acting like Angels.Angels would not do that to them,they would find away to start healing them and helping them with love to want to change.If we the people were to do this in our way,we would keep the earth as it has been and we’d never get away from all of the pain and sadness.I’ve got to say,that we have to be really evolved to do this right. And how can the earth evolve if we are still hateing and hurting and paying back. It would never end. We have to carry the earth and all of humanity past this point NOW! I know it won’t be easy to do,since we are so accustumed to paying people back when they treated others so bad. But we have to forgive them and let the masters take care of them. The masters are the ones who can do this without anger,I don’t know if some of us can.In order to stop the  darkness in the world we have to deal with our own darkness and find away to love everyone unconditionaly.No one said it would be easy,but it will make you feel better to not carry around hate for our brothers and sisters who have played thier part in duality. I even thought if they do go to fema camps,I was gona try to go and be a friend and tell them we love them and that we forgive them because we know how much pain they will go through and it will seem like it lasts forever. We can”t do to them as they have done to us or we will never ascend . This is the our greatest test EVER! Can we pass it? How evolved are we?       Love and Light to all   Honestangel.